Visiting the Town of Yea

The township of Yea in Victoria is just over 100Kms from Melbourne. The township has around 1560 residents. The main High street is buzzing with activities throughout any day with travelers heading up to Mt Buller, passing through or visiting one of the many markets in Yea.

The community of Yea is vibrant and always on the look out to make visitors welcome to the town, locals see to it that every tourist enjoy their visit to Yea for them to want to return and enjoy what Yea has to offer again. In the centre of Town sits the Bowls Club, this is a perfect location for visitors to grab a meat pie from one the famous bakery in town and then sit back in the hot summer sun and watch some great competition.

Visiting Yea, you may want to stop and look at the wetlands, it is one of Yea’s best kept secrets, the discovery centre is located just before the Bridge over the Yea River opposite the police station. You can find in the wetlands of Yea the fossils of some of the earliest known land plants in the world, dating back 400 million years! Also keep an eye out for the sacred Kingfisher on your walk.

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